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What is Pilates Flow?

Are you new to mind body exercises like Pilates? Do you hear the word FLOW in a class and think about flowing down the river in a raft? What does it mean to FLOW in a class?

The Pilates method of exercises uses the concept of learning a sequence of exercises and then tying those exercises together in a way that makes it seem like you are constantly

moving or flowing. This type of practice allows the practitioner (student) to continually practice specific movements and fine tune them in their body while getting a great workout.

Usually in a FLOW class not only is there a sequence but there are transitions between exercises. What this means to you is that you are moving more and resting or pausing less (aka - more work!) It also means that you will probably be more comfortable in a FLOW class if you've already learned these exercises and sequences so you don't feel like you are lost! 

You don't need to be an expert at the exercises but it is nice to have a basic understanding of the movements involved and have done most of them at least a time or two before taking a class. This way you are comfortable with the version of each exercise that's best for your body and can fine tune it.

Your instructor will be cuing and giving suggestions for different variations but probably won't stop the sequence of a class to give a detailed "how to" of every exercise.  If you are looking for a slower paced class or a class that takes a little more time to walk you through the intricate details of each exercise it might be best to start with a Fundamentals class, a beginner class, or an all levels class that isn't specifically a FLOW class. A private lesson is also a great way to prepare you for a FLOW class if you want to learn the movements and sequences before jumping into a class.

Have more questions about what type of class might be best for you?  We would love to talk to you one on one so we can learn more about you and give you our suggestions on what classes might be a good fit for you! Send us an email and we'll help you get started with your Pilates practice!

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