• Dena

Need to work on balance? Try the Pilates Chair!

When you hear Pilates Chair what do you think of?  Do visions of an infomercial come into your head? Does it sound like something elderly people would use so that they could exercise their feet while sitting in a chair?

The Pilates chair is designed to help you find a quicker, more efficient way to get stronger and more balanced in your body quicker. The chair design is simply a small seat with a spring loaded pedal or footbar below the seat. Many exercises have you positioning and balancing your body somewhere on the seat and then using the loaded pedal to challenge your balance. The size is just big enough to give you some support, but small enough to challenge your balance and of course your core strength!

Other exercises have you standing on the floor pressing into the spring loaded pedal. Many of these exercises challenge you do do the exercise with one arm or leg while you try to keep balance in your body.

Interested in seeing how Pilates and the Pilates equipment can help you improve your balance?  Set up a 1:1 session at LOVE PILATES today, or join an outdoor class, and we'll show you all the ways Pilates can improve your balance!

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