• Dena

Keep it Simple

You've probably heard the phrase Keep it Simple. Yet when it comes to our health & wellness, our natural tendency is to think that to find pain relief, the solution must be complicated.    

After years of teaching Pilates, I find the opposite is true. Effective movement and exercise that gives you results such as more strength, more flexibility, more balance in your body and less pain does not have to be complicated. In fact -- the simpler the better! 

I find that most people just want to feel good in their body and be able to live their lives with ease and without pain. They want to have energy to experience life and all the movement that is built into our lives.  

One of the reasons I believe the Pilates method of exercise is so effective as a movement program for so many people is because instructors are taught to teach bodies how to move correctly starting with the simplest, most basic forms of movement.  We teach basic concepts like how to engage their core muscles, how to stabilize their hips and shoulders, how to breathe more efficiently and how to use the mind to control their body's movements. These are skills that make any workout or exercise time more effective whatever type of workout you are doing and these skills are translated into our everyday movements throughout our life. Learning these basic skills and then practicing them is where the Pilates magic happens!

When you are learning Pilates we'll be using movements you probably do all the time in your day to day life and we'll show you how you can apply the Pilates principles to those movements to move better and feel better.

If you're interested in learning how to move better, and create a balanced body that is strong, flexible and moves with ease, schedule a complimentary consultation where we'll answer your questions and introduce you to some simple movement concepts that can create big changes in your life!

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