• Dena

Got Back Pain?

I have to admit I have not ever had to deal with chronic back pain, but like many people I have an occasional day when my low back aches or hurts. Many times it is after I have been

driving in the car longer than normal or sitting at the computer too long. Some days I couldn't tell you exactly why it happens. So what do I do? Pilates!

My go to treatment for a tight achy low back is to move and stretch and use some traditional Pilates exercises. I turn to the same wonderful work that I use with my clients day in and day out! I generally focus on stretching and lengthening the backs of my legs and my hips.

Some of my favorite exercises are Single Leg Circle followed by stretches for my hamstrings and inner and outer thighs, Shoulder Bridge, lying with a foam roller under my hips and adding a slow straight leg lower to lengthen my psoas, and just hanging out in child's pose.

For me the movement helps almost immediately and I continue to play around with finding movements that help my body feel good. Often times a sore low back is a reminder that I need to incorporate more mindful movement into my day, be a little more aware of how I'm moving my body and how much I'm sitting throughout my day.

One of my favorite lessons learned from my Pilates practice is that we are much more powerful and capable than we think when it comes to healing and taking care of our bodies.  So if you're feeling a little achy or tight don't be afraid to try out some movements at home.  Listen to your body and trust that your mindful movement practice can change how your body feels!

We often give "homework" exercises to clients to help with their home practice, so don't be afraid to ask!

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