• Dena

Are there planks in Pilates?

A common question I get from clients new to Pilates is, "Are we going to be doing a lot of planks? They really hurt my wrists or my back or... fill in the blank." 

The quick short answer is no.  You do not have to be able to do a plank to practice Pilates.

Pilates is a system of exercises that is designed to strengthen the entire body from the center out.  As you begin your Pilates practice you'll find that the majority of the exercises are done lying on your back or your belly and focus on you figuring out how to engage from your center.

As your body starts to figure out how to engage from your center the method will continue to challenge you by asking you to do whole body movements that engage, strengthen, and increase balance in your musculature. As you continue to progress in your own strength and balance these exercises will progress to continue to challenge you. 

You will naturally progress to more challenging exercises.  Eventually you may find yourself strong and balanced enough to do exercises that require you to support your body in plank-like or side-plank like position.

I promise by the time you get to these exercises you will be ready for them and we'll teach you how to do them without pain or injury. You might even come to love them!

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