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Love Stories ~ Meet Lisa Ku, the newest addition to the Love Pilates team.

Lisa is a BASI certified Pilates instructor as well as a personal trainer. She has lots of experience that I'm sure we'll benefit from. Get know a little bit about Lisa below, and then come meet her and take her Saturday morning classes beginning November 2nd.

How did you first discover Pilates?

I found Pilates after moving to Huntington Beach In 2013. I took a mat class for the first time and never felt so good! So I got certified and have been teaching for a couple years now. I recently completed the comprehensive program and I hope to become a great instructor one day! I will be starting at Love Pilates in November and I’m excited to meet everyone!

Describe your workouts. How many days a week do you workout?

I do Pilates1x/week, and aerial 1x/week

What is your current fitness goal?

To be able to do a perfect teaser

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Gaining flexibility! I can almost do the splits!

What helps you stay on track?

I’m a forever student, I love learning!

What do you do when you're not at the studio?

I am busy being a mom, and you can usually find me at home cooking while listening to music.

Do you have a favorite exercise or favorite piece of equipment?

It changes from time to time but right now is the Cadillac- it challenges me in every way!

Describe our studio in 3 words.

Love the vibe!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting Pilates?

Try it because you will fall in love! I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but you’ll feel amazing after every session. It’s the perfect way to start/end the day, with a sense of accomplishment and a boost of confidence!

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