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Are you nervous about trying Pilates at Love Pilates?

Have you heard of Pilates and wondered what is the big deal about this type of exercise? You are not alone!

Often when people talk about their Pilates practice they are VERY passionate and there are many great reasons for this! There are so many wonderful benefits to practicing the Pilates method on a regular basis that once people create a regular practice they are often hooked for life! I could spend hours talking about the benefits of Pilates, but today's blog is about how you take action in your life and start feeling the benefits ASAP!!

If you are not practicing Pilates on a regular basis I want to give you some quick action steps on how you can start experiencing Pilates in your life:

1. Make a commitment to yourself to create a regular Pilates practice for at least 6 months, a year would be even better. The Pilates Method is just that- a method of exercise that is designed to change how you move and exercise your body. The true benefits come when you incorporate the method into your body and life. Trying one two or even 5 sessions isn't enough to really experience Pilates! If you are brand new to Pilates it will take you a while to learn the exercises, the proper form and how to continually use the techniques to challenge your body. It doesn't matter if you've practiced Yoga for years, done the Insanity workout in your basement for 4 months, just ran a marathon or used to be an athlete - this is new and you will have to learn it.

2. Decide what regular means to you. It's not realistic for many people to get on a mat or go to the studio daily to practice Pilates. That's OK. Commit to at least 1 session per week (anything less is probably not going to be "regular"). You will find that as you create a regular Pilates practice and truly learn the method and more about your body, you naturally start incorporating the work into your daily life and routines.

3. Decide how you want to learn. Learning Pilates is no different than learning Algebra or how to knit, you need instruction! Having an instructor who is educated about how to present the material to you in a way that is most conducive to your learning style is most ideal, but this is not in everyone's budget. Here's a quick list of ways you can learn the Pilates Method starting in the order of the most effective:

  • Take private sessions with an instructor who knows the work in their own body and is trained to teach others how to discover it in theirs (A PMA Certified instructor is ideal). If you have injuries or things that hurt in your body I would highly suggest starting your practice this way! It's very difficult to jump into group classes or watch a video and learn how to adjust the method specifically for your body.

  • Take small group classes (again with a qualified instructor). Look for classes that are kept small (PMA guidelines suggest 6 or fewer clients to that you get the attention you need).

  • Watch and workout using videos created by qualified instructors.

  • Read books (like Return to Life written by Joseph H. Pilates himself), articles and blogs by qualified instructors and create your own at home practice.

4. Just Do it! The only way to find what it feels like to have a regular Pilates practice is to do it and stay committed!!

We would love to help you start a Pilates practice!! At Love Pilates, we offer an intro packages for new clients. We also offer your first Pilates 101/Fundamentals Class FREE to all clients so we can help you decide what path is best for you to learn the Pilates Method.

Ready to make that commitment? Schedule your session today! - check out our schedule here!

At Love Pilates we are very passionate about movement and the amazing benefits movement brings to your life. Come join us and find your passion too!

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