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Pilates is for every-body - even YOU!

Pilates is a wonderful method of exercise for any body, but if you are a man or woman over the age of 50 you may find it's the perfect form of exercise for you.

If you have ever said...

  • I just want to stay strong and lean.

  • I see my parents aging and know I want to keep my own body fit, strong, flexible and functional so I can live life to the fullest.

  • I want an instructor/trainer who understands that I'm not 25 and trains me accordingly.

  • I want to enjoy my workouts.

... Then the Pilates Method of exercise may be the perfect exercise for you!

We work strength, balance, and flexibility exercises into one very efficient workout session that will keep you lean and strong.

  • The Pilates Method focuses on using proper body mechanics and teaches you how to move in a way that will balance out your body and prevent injuries as you age.

  • The Pilates Method is truly a movement practice that can be done at any level and can be done throughout your entire lifetime.

  • A PMA Certified Pilates instructor has had over 500 hours of initial training and mentoring hours that results in experienced instructors who understand how to work with bodies of all ages, levels and conditions.

  • The Pilates Method uses a variety of equipment so that there is a ton of variety. You'll develop a practice of movements and exercises that become familiar to your body but you'll also be continually challenged!

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