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Love Stories, meet Dee and Natalie

I'd love to introduce you to Dee and Natalie, a Mother/Daughter Pilates duo! Read what they have to say about discovering Pilates.

Two years ago, my daughter, was diagnosed with scoliosis and mild kyphosis. Her specialist wanted her to do several stretches to loosen and then strengthen the areas. He suggested core work for her as well. Teenagers are not the best at following directions and to be honest, finding time to stretch and workout the core were not on her radar. As a mom seeking to prevent further damage to her growing body, I decided to look into pilates. We used google to locate several studios in the area. I emailed and told them my need for taking classes and wanted to know if they would allow and support a young teenager with spinal issues. Dena, here at Love Pilates, replied quickly and let me know that some of her instructors have experience with spinal issues. That was in July and we’ve been weekly participants ever since!

When did you start working out at Love Pilates?

We both started in July 2018--to strengthen our core and help to support proper spinal alignment.

Describe your workouts. How many days per week?

For the first seven months we took about 2 classes per week at level one. We love the workouts and the variations each instructor brings to the classes. In January, I switched my monthly plan to 15 days and I take 3 classes each week. Two with Natalie and then a level 1.5 or 2 on the third day a week!

What is your current fitness goal?

Dee--My current goals are to continue to strengthen my core and improve my own posture as I age.

Natalie--To get stronger muscles that will help me when I run.

Biggest accomplishment?

Dee--My biggest accomplishment has been to realize that despite age, I can do these skills and I can feel my strength improving.

Natalie--Learning how to use all the springs for my personal resistance and also how to modify things to support my scoliosis, such as using pads to align my back when using the box.

What helps you stay on track?

Dee--keeping a consistent schedule has always helped me stay on track. Being a Type A person makes it easy to write out a plan and follow through with it.

Natalie--My mom plans it out for me.

What do you do when you’re not at the studio?

Dee--I teach kindergarten and first grade most hours of the day. In addition to that, I am often walking my dogs, gardening, or going out for a run!

Natalie--running, cooking, and playing with our rabbits.

Do you have a favorite exercise or piece of equipment?

Dee---I love doing leg work on the reformer and on the chair.

Natalie- I really love jumpboard workouts!

Describe our studio in 3 words:

Dee---welcoming, challenging, forgiving

Natalie---calm, peaceful, hard-working

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting pilates?

Dee--If you are someone that likes a physical challenge and wants to improve your posture, your overall strength, and your confidence--this is for you. You will leave each class standing taller and on your drive home, you will notice that you try to sit up taller in the car too!

Natalie--Just do it and stick with it, since it is good for your health and you will feel better after you do it!

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