• Kristi Lynn

Gong Sound Immersion

Are You looking for some more peace and relaxation? How about more energy and vitality?

Experience a break from your daily stressors where healing occurs naturally,

and the stress of daily life is gently washed away

Why do I teach Gong Sound Immersion? "My passion for the Gong was immediate. I was participating in a group meditation when I experienced this amazing wave of energy for the first time. The feeling was so wonderful, and although I didn't know what it was initially, I just remember thinking "Please don't stop". I was hooked and sought out Gong Masters training for several years. Seven years have passed since then, and I still love sharing and receiving the beautiful vibrations of the Gong." ~Kristi

What is Gong Sound Immersion?

A Gong Sound Immersion is like a very deep and lasting massage, by tuning the physical body to the greatest possible resonance. All you need to do is close your eyes, get comfortable, and let the sound bathe the body and carry the mind. By slowing the brain waves into a meditative state, the Theta state, your mind and body can fully relax. 15 minutes of Theta state is equivalent to approximately two hours of sleep!

Join Kristi for Gong Sound Immersion Monday March 18th at 7pm. Sign up Here!

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