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What's in a name?

Why "Love Pilates"?

Choosing a name is hard, isn't it? When we named our boys, we tried out so many options. Did they lend themselves to a funny rhyme? Would the initials spell something? Would the nickname be good? In the same way, I struggled with naming my studio when I opened it, even though I'd been using the name Love Pilates for well over a year by the time I was ready to open a store front location. Was it too feminine? Silly? Cliche? Whatever it is or was, I decided to continue using the name because it sums things up for me.

Love Pilates because I love Pilates, and I want you to discover and love it too! Pilates is for anybody and everybody - it is customizable and modifiable for any level or condition. We can make it more or less strenuous and safe for your individual needs. You gain strength and flexibility without feeling like you can't move the next day.

Love Pilates because I wanted to create a community where people feel welcomed, accepted and loved. At Love Pilates, there is no judgement. No matter whether you are brand new to fitness or Pilates, or whether you're a lifelong mover, we want you to feel comfortable. One of the best things I've heard lately is a new client saying that Love Pilates "feels like home." That's exactly the kind of loving environment I strive to create!

Whatever your fitness level or movement background is, Love Pilates is the place for you! We'd love to have you join us and discover your love for Pilates too!

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