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Why Do Pilates?

Why do Pilates at all? Some think it's just for dancers... or professional athletes... or the rich and famous... or injured people... But in fact, Pilates is for every-body!

Pilates informs the way we move in our everyday lives. Pilates allows us to stand tall, balance well, walk with fluidity, and move with stability. There's nothing I love more than hearing how Pilates has changed my clients' lives for the better. I wanted to share a couple of those stories with you.

Anita - client for 2 years.

I'm so proud of Anita! An MS diagnosis and fall brought her to Pilates. At first she struggled to do basic movements like bridging, footwork, or holding her knees in table-top position.

Anita, before and after. What a difference!

Two years later she’s lost 65+ pounds and has gained strength, flexibility and has much better balance. Way to go Anita, you’re an inspiration!

Lety - client for 9 months. Lety has been attending classes at Love Pilates for almost 9 months. In that time, she's gained so much strength that she amazes me in class on a daily basis. She's also losing weight, feeling stronger, moving well, and is an inspiration to those around her. She looks so wonderful that friends are asking if she had surgery - but no! She attributes her weight loss and great shape to Pilates and Zumba.

Come join us at Love Pilates no matter where you are in your fitness journey, because every-body is a Pilates body!

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