Why Pilates?


  • is a full body, low impact workout

  • focuses on the core while strengthening the entire body in an integrated way

  • improves strength and encourages balanced muscle development

  • increases flexibility and range of motion

  • will improve the way you move everyday.

Why Love Pilates?

At Love Pilates, you will

  • Receive individualized attention

  • Take small group classes (6 clients max)

  • Improve your posture and stand taller

  • Feel stronger and build muscle

  • Become more flexible

  • Have less pain

  • Make new friends

  • Move well and enjoy life!

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New to Pilates?
You are invited to participate in our Pilates Fundamentals Group Classes or Private Lessons! 
Pilates Fundamentals Group Classes
Learn the basics and learn to use the equipment while getting a workout that'll make you feel great, and take your first class free! (Use code FreeClass101) 
*4 Pilates Fundamentals classes required for those new to reformer Pilates.
Pilates 101 Private Lessons
4 Private Lessons arranged to fit your schedule. Get one-on-one attention and lessons tailored to your body's needs.
Only $260 for new clients
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Fundamentals Group Class
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Love Pilates is a key partner in my recovering from a lower back injury. Their attention to ensuring form and working with my strength has hastened returning to an active life. Love Pilates' small groups allow for personalized instruction maximizing the results of each session.

~Jack R

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