New to Pilates?
We promise to introduce you to Pilates in the way that suits you, so that you make progress toward your goals, and always leave feeling better when you finish than when you started.

Fall Special! Get started with 4 intro classes. 
Tuesday/Thursday at 4:30pm
4 Classes for $75. 
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Join us and see how great you'll feel! 

Interested in Group Classes? 
Learn the basics and learn to use the equipment while getting a workout that'll make you feel great! Special offer - 3 classes for only $68,
that's 3 classes for the price of 2!
*4 Pilates Beginners classes required for those new to reformer Pilates.
Looking for Private Lessons?
4 Private Lessons arranged to fit your schedule. Get one-on-one attention and lessons tailored to your body's needs.
Only $260 for new clients
Not sure what the right option is for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Pilates FAQ

  • How often should I do Pilates? Consistency is always best, and you'll see the most benefit by doing Pilates 2 to 3 times a week.

  • What is Pilates? Pilates is a full body, low impact workout that focuses on the core while strengthening the entire body in an integrated way.

  • What will Pilates do for me? Pilates will improve your strength and encourage balanced muscle development, it will increase your flexibility and range of motion, and will improve the way you move everyday.

  • Why should I choose Love Pilates? At Love Pilates, we promise to provide lessons tailored to you and your needs. We promise to help you gain strength and confidence so you feel empowered. We promise to help you enjoy life with less pain and more energy. You'll make new friends and have fun too!


"Prior to finding Love Pilates, my wife Teri and I were searching for new ways to keep fit, flexible and mobile. Our previous activities were no longer good options, and Teri hated exercise, especially classes. We tried some other options, but weren't happy. Then we found Love Pilates. The minute we stepped into the studio we were welcomed, energized and wowed! One year later, Pilates has completely changed our bodies. I'm stronger and more flexible that I was when I was 40! Teri is the strongest she's ever been and has lost 3 sizes! Don’t even think of considering anywhere but Love Pilates. They provide unmatched instruction as well as constant focus on managing your health and progress. Its a totally rewarding, comfortable experience. Love really is the secret ingredient!" ~Don