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What our clients are saying about Love Pilates...
"Customer service and my workout are both incomparable here!"~Christine
"I feel very comfortable, and the classes are fun!" ~Lori
"My balance and flexibility improved after only a few classes." ~Linda
"I love the low impact complete body workout at Love Pilates." ~Christina
The Love Pilates Way

Who? Anyone of any age, body type, or fitness level, women & men

What? Full-body exercise, low impact, muscle strengthening and stretching

Why? Develop a stronger mind-body connection, build a strong core and postural muscles, meet new people and become a part of our great community!

Our instructors are committed to helping you properly execute the exercises in a friendly, relaxed environment. We believe everyone can benefit from Pilates, and invite you to begin your Pilates journey with us.

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Schedule a complimentary consultation in person or over the phone to learn about how Pilates can benefit you personally and which of our products would be the best fit for your lifestyle and goals. 

Dena Lombardo, PMA®-CPT is a leading 

Huntington Beach Pilates Instructor


"I am so glad I stepped out of my normal workout routine to try Pilates.  I have made Pilates part of my weekly workout routine for the past year and half and it has changed my life.  I have become stronger and more flexible, defined and toned and I credit my group and private lessons for that. Whether I am working on the Reformer, Wunda Chair or Mat it is a total body-strengthening and toning experience.   I always leave the studio feeling great!  Love Pilates is a warm, friendly and welcoming environment with well educated and professional instructors.  Thank you Love Pilates!”

~ Carrie D

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